Our Approach to Homeowner and Condominium Association Law

Starts with Prevention

Even the most diligent and well-intentioned associations will come into conflict in the course of their regular duties, whether with property owners, local municipalities, state or even federal law. At NowackHoward, we are firm believers in preventative law, counseling our clients before decisions are made, rather than after. This approach recognizes the value of wise, thoughtful counsel, regarding Georgia HOA laws, as a reliable way to keep our client’s neighborhoods prosperous and happy.

The hallmark of our relationships lies in our ability to avoid conflict by recognizing, early, where such issues might arise. Working with an HOA attorney who is focused on prevention, rather than reaction, offers association directors a higher level of stewardship and helps maintain a more harmonious community. When your HOA attorney can provide not only legal counsel but also clear-minded business advice, you are better informed and more assured of making prudent decisions. And when you have full access to that counsel, you can avoid disputes, forestall litigation, and preserve amity within the association.

Clearly, every HOA and Condominium association needs an attorney to represent their interests, so making the right selection is crucial. We know that association directors must be able to contact an attorney, as needed, to prevent issues which might evolve into crisis. An open line of communication is the best way to identify and prevent problems from starting, in the first place. Therefore, we have developed a flat-fee retainer program that allows NowackHoward to serve as your legal counsel, on an ongoing basis.

Our retainer program includes free telephone consultation with our HOA attorneys to encourage ongoing communications before, as and after a decision is made regarding legal issues in your community.

We are firm believers that the successful practice of preventative law requires active participation of directors, managers and their HOA attorney. To help our retainer clients further, we also provide on-going education classes, regular updates and articles on legal changes to Georgia HOA law as well as trends affecting community associations, keeping them and their community managers up-to-date on the laws affecting community associations.

As Georgia’s premiere HOA and Condominium association law firm, we are proud to be able to offer the most comprehensive set of services our HOA and condominium association clients need. If this approach matches your approach, an HOA attorney would be happy to meet with you — free of charge — to understand your community and its situation, describe our capabilities, explain our services, and see if we are the right fit for each other.

Helping Your Neighborhood Become A Stronger Community.