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George Nowack Shares His Views with Atlanta’s AJC as Metro Atlanta HOAs Weigh Risks of Opening Pools Amid Coronavirus

George Nowack Shares His Views with Atlanta’s AJC as Metro Atlanta HOAs Weigh Risks of Opening Pools Amid Coronavirus

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June 4, 2020, Atlanta, Ga. – The Atlanta Journal Constitution asked George Nowack, attorney and co-founder of NowackHoward, LLC, for his thoughts on the risks for homeowner and condominium associations that are considering opening pools, as well as other amenities, during the COVID-19 pandemic. With temperatures rising quickly, Atlanta communities are finding themselves caught between homeowners wanting relief and recreation at their community amenities and the possible risk amenity use could establish for those very homeowners, their board of directors and their association. Without clear guidance, associations have been struggling to manage and accommodate.

Metro Atlanta HOAs weigh risks of opening pools amid coronavirus

As of May 14, 2020, HOAs are cleared to open their pool and other amenities, but there still are risks that all boards should be well-informed about as well as more than a dozen new restrictions on swimming pool rules and regulations, in order to meet compliance. Speaking on behalf of NowackHoward, LLC, Nowack offers his perspective and some insight into how the community association firm has been advising its clients who seek to reopen.

While some communities are choosing to reopen, many are not. Nowack has pointed out that we are in unprecedented times for HOAs. For decades, boards have been managing fairly homogenous issues with insurance policies that are designed around those challenges. Very few policies are written that would protect against a suit surrounding COVID-19.

“We’ve never had this in the history of community association law and insurance,” said Nowack. “There’s never been a situation where a board has had to make the decision that they are agreeing to take an action that would open the possibility of an uninsured loss.”

While new legislation is designed to protect the HOA against this sort of suit, it does not render the HOA immune from the cost of a suit. Nowack, and the firm, have repeatedly cautioned HOA boards that the real risk to the association is the cost of defending a suit, even should it be dismissed.

As the summer progresses and Georgia grows hotter and hotter, this issue will continue to plague boards. More protection will be needed and is forthcoming. Meanwhile, boards must diligently comply with state-issued guidelines and continue to maintain close contact with their legal advisors. Avoiding a conflict or a lawsuit will be the best way to weather this chaotic and overwhelming summer in Atlanta.

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