Community Association Collections

A Low-Cost, High-Value Collection Program for Homeowner and Condominium Associations

Discover the best way to collect HOA fees and streamline operations with NowackHoward. Our low-cost, high-value HOA collection program caters to homeowner and condominium associations, emphasizing timely assessments for a harmonious community.

Understanding the Importance of Timely HOA Collections

Timely payments are the linchpin of community success. Delinquencies cause financial stress and community discord, making efficient collections paramount. While preventing HOA delinquencies is ideal, NowackHoward recognizes that there are instances when collection becomes necessary, and choosing the best way to collect HOA fees is crucial.

Expert Management for Smooth Resolutions

Navigating HOA debt collections requires expertise, and NowackHoward, as an experienced HOA collection law firm, excels in managing the process smoothly and respectfully. Our approach leads to the best resolution for all parties involved, ensuring effective HOA delinquent assessment collections.

Proactive Approach for Effective Results

Our proactive approach prioritizes collections when owners first become past due, avoiding prolonged processes that can disrupt community harmony. Our collection attorneys, well-versed in advising boards of directors, recommend effective remedies tailored to each situation. We determine when to file a lawsuit or foreclose on the association’s lien to collect the debt, you can rely on our team’s proficiency in HOA debt collection.

Efficiency in Action

While we make every effort to prevent collections, our team is aggressive and efficient when necessary. Quick resolutions are prioritized for the most valuable outcome to a delinquency. NowackHoward’s Collection Team offers full-service delinquent assessment solutions, including:

  • Collection Demand Letters
  • Lien Filing Services
  • Lawsuits for Money Judgments and Orders for Foreclosure
  • Lien Foreclosure
  • Garnishment
  • Bankruptcy Representation

Seamless Communication Channels

Connect with us using the provided channels to discuss your community’s specific collection issues. We are dedicated to helping your neighborhood become a stronger community.

Helping Your Neighborhood Become A Stronger Community.

Client HOA Collections Contacts

For current clients, you may request that we open a new collection account by completing and returning our Collection Work Request Form and returning it to

For questions about your collection accounts, you may email us at

For Payoff Requests:

For Bankruptcy Notices:

For Work Requests:

For Status Reports:

For Collections Counselor:

Owners in Collections

If you’ve received a communication from NowackHoward, contact us as soon as possible to save money! Call our Collections Counselor at 770-863-8920 or email

Credit Card Payments: 

Owners in collections may make credit card payments online here.


  • NowackHoward is a debt collector. Any information obtained when you contact us will be used for that purpose.
  • All settlements and payment arrangements must be expressly approved by in writing by a representative of NowackHoward. Making a payment or making a settlement offer will not establish a payment arrangement, nor a settlement arrangement, nor a settlement in full, without the express approval in writing by a representative of NowackHoward.
Legal advice

NowackHoward’s knowledge of case law and their litigation success on behalf of community associations are both inspiring and comforting in that you are certain that you are getting sound legal advice.

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The most knowledgeable and effective condominium and homeowner association attorneys in Georgia. We are a full-service law firm dedicated to serving the needs of community association boards with in-house general servicing, collections, and litigation teams - NowackHoward is the counsel every community needs.

General Services

General Services

A full range of legal services for community associations including: governing document interpretation, amendments and restatements, covenant and rule enforcement.

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Low-cost, high-value collection programs for our community association clients including: collection demand letters, lien filing services and foreclosures, garnishment, bankruptcy representation.

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Representation from lawyers who know Georgia HOA law. We'll advocate for your community association's interests and protect your rights in all Georgia state and federal courts.

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