Advocating for Your Homeowner or Condominium Association’s

Interests and Protecting Your Rights

The experienced HOA attorneys at NowackHoward represent community associations in all manner of disputes, including trials and appeals in state and federal courts, administrative hearings, and alternative dispute resolution. These also include matters such as directors’ and officers’ liability claims, covenant and rule enforcement, breach of contract cases, land use, and negligence claims. You will find our experience makes us keenly attentive to the unique elements and highly specific needs of our community association clients in every lawsuit.

As HOA and condominium association advocates, we understand the unique nature of associations and the effect lawsuits can have on a community. In any business organization, complex legal issues often intersect with personal and organizational relationships. Community associations are no exception. Despite the best intentions of the individuals involved, disagreements arise — often, in the interpretation and enforcement of the association’s governing documents.

Though community association declarations and by-laws contain provisions governing what owners can and cannot do within their community, there are times when enforcement becomes necessary. While our goal is always based upon prevention, ensuring compliance without litigation, regrettably, not all owners voluntarily comply with association documents, compelling associations to force compliance through legal action.

NowackHoward’s HOA attorneys also help board members understand state insurance laws and coverage requirements. One of the most important duties of a board is to ensure that the association carries all required and adequate insurance coverage. In addition, as the insurance and risk management environments are more tumultuous than ever, we work closely with insurance companies to understand and interpret the latest laws to protect association board members.

Having NowackHowad on your side means having the strongest advocate tirelessly working for your interests to maintain a harmonious and prospering community association.

Helping Your Neighborhood Become A Stronger Community.