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NowackHoward Plans to Offer Clients More Flexibility and Stability as We All Move Into the Second Year of the Pandemic

NowackHoward Plans to Offer Clients More Flexibility and Stability as We All Move Into the Second Year of the Pandemic

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December 14, 2020, Atlanta, Ga. – The leadership at NowackHoward, LLC will continue to take an active role in shaping and improving the practice area of community association law in Georgia as we enter another difficult year. Throughout 2020, the firm has been offering insight and guidance on how to adjust and accommodate under brutal circumstances.

“We have been amazed at the volunteer efforts of our clients and their community managers throughout this unique year,” says Julie McGhee Howard, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.  “They’ve had to log more hours than ever before leading their associations through the unprecedented changes forced on them by the pandemic. Along the way, we all adjusted and found solutions that might have been prohibitive before. Our HOA attorneys are excited to permanently adopt and embrace some of the best changes.”

NowackHoward will be adjusting our services to embrace the best practices from 2020 and incorporating them into our service offerings to our clients. Though these changes were responsive to circumstances beyond all of our control, some of them revealed to be true improvements to the practice of HOA law.

Virtual Support

Key to working through the pandemic has been the ability to collaborate remotely without a loss in quality. We believe virtual meetings solve so many challenges that we will be expanding our virtual services to our clients as part of our offering in 2021 to both address concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic and to bring greater flexibility and access to our association clients and their managers in the future.

Remote Learning
While the year presented unimagined challenges to the practice of community association law, it forced all within our practice area to invent solutions. The advent of widely accepted virtual meetings and the adoption of technology seems to be the best and most persistent change from the experience.

Our learning Academy will return, in 2021, with a full event schedule so that we can continue to train and advise the broader community association community. We are excited that this option will eliminate the need for travel and open opportunity for education for individuals who may otherwise have been unable to attend.

Annual Retainer

After consideration, we decided not to increase our annual retainer fee for 2021. We are encouraged every day by how our clients have adjusted and believe this helps relieve the stress on associations who are already stretched to their limits. For our all-inclusive 2021 retainer fee, NowackHoward will offer retainer clients:

  • General service video calls and phone with directors and managers
  • An annual board review meeting (remote accessible)
  • Reduced hourly rates
  • Online collection account portal
  • On-going director education through the Academy (remote accessible)
  • Online resources and alerts for collections and general service news, and updates
  • On-going access to consult with our attorneys to get the counsel needed before making a decision, not after. (remote accessible)

It has been our honor to be the leader this year for Georgia’s homeowner and condominium associations in providing analysis and guidance on the Governor’s Executive Orders and legislation regarding opening association amenities.  With our Community Advisor Alerts, we will continue to keep our retainer clients updated on local, national, and legislative updates impacting homeowner and condominium associations throughout Georgia.

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