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Atlanta Condominiums and Townhomes to See Higher Solid Waste Fees

<strong>Atlanta Condominiums and Townhomes to See Higher Solid Waste Fees</strong>

Condominiums and townhomes within the city of Atlanta, Georgia will see higher solid waste fees in their July 1st bills. This stems from the Atlanta City Council’s June 3, 2019 approval of an amendment to the solid waste fee schedule ordinance that changes the way that certain multi-family residential categories are billed.

Amended Ordinance for Multi-Family Dwellings

Under the amended ordinance, multi-family dwellings such as condominiums and townhouses in Atlanta, Georgia will be charged a $63.39 per dwelling unit annual fee, plus an additional charge based upon the development’s square footage of street frontage and type (i.e. commercial, mixed-use, residential). In contrast, single-family detached homes are charged $454 per year.

Lower Increase Than Originally Adopted

While the June 3rd ordinance amendment will increase rates for condominiums and townhomes, it does represent a significantly lower increase than that originally adopted by the Council in November 2018. The November 2018 increase would have raised solid waste fees to $400 per parcel, with each individual condominium or townhouse unit being considered a separate parcel.

Relief for Condominium and Townhome Owners in Atlanta, Georgia

For those condominium and townhome owners concerned about the rate increase, there is some hope for relief in the future.   In response to concerns from condominium and townhome representatives about the fairness of the rate increase, the City Council also adopted a resolution on June 3 calling for the Department of Public Works to engage a consultant to conduct a study on the solid waste rates and market analysis to insure that the solid waste rates are fiscally responsible.

For more information about the solid waste fee’s impact on condominiums and townhomes, please see the article from the Northside Neighbor.

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